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A beautifully simple, free alerting service
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Cloud Notify webapp

How can Cloud Notify help you?

Send an API request, get alerted on your mobile device, simple


Would you like to be notified when your infrastucture has issues or you hit an error? Integrate Cloud Notify and reduce your downtime.


You're busy working on the next big thing, adding cloud messaging alerts is complex and time consuming. Just integrate our API into your project and get notified.

Integrate into anything

Cloud Notify integrates into your existing workflow with a very simple API. Anything that can make a POST request can be integrated.

How does Cloud Notify work?


Create an account

Using either an email and password or Google account, create a free private and secure account.


Register your device

Download the Cloud Notify app on your mobile device and register the app to your account.


Send cloud notififications

Integrate Cloud Notify into your processes, scripts etc. and begin getting notified on your terms.

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